Star Trek: Every First Officer Ranked

The right hand men, women and other to our favourite captains...

Star Trek First Officers

Serving as first officer of a star ship puts a person in the unenviable position of representing the crew to the Captain, while also representing the Captain to the crew. It's not always shown on screen in Star Trek, but there seems to be a lot of adminstration to the job as well.

There are crew rotations to plan, service reviews and ship readiness reports to draft. Yet, with all that said, there also seems to be a lot of sitting down beside the Captain. Hard then to get through the admin when there isn't even a desk to lean on.

Here, we break down the rankings of all of the First Officers across the franchise. It is likely that enjoyment of the each iteration will come from enjoyment of that show as a whole but there may be a few surprises in this list. Feel free to sound off in the comment section with your opinions. For now, let's see who the real Number One is...

Honourable Mention: Star Trek Picard: Number One (Deniro)

Star Trek Picard

Sure, it's technically a cheat but he's the best boy!

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