Star Trek: Picard - Everything We Know About Season 3

6. It’s Been Some Time

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The passing of time is a marked change from the gap between seasons one and two.

Skipping on a full three years from the events of Farewell, season three will see some slight changes to the fortunes of the main cast.

Most notable is Commander Seven of Nine (or will it be Commander Annika Hansen?) as the first officer of the season's hero ship, the USS Titan-A. This move harks back not only to comments made in the second season of Picard in which she discussed that even with Janeway's backing Starfleet had been cautious about recruiting the ex-Borg.

Despite her own trepidations in returning to the Alpha Quadrant in Voyager, Seven's ascent to XO has been pretty rapid. In Farewell, she took command of the Stargazer to close the anomaly that could have killed billions.

Her rapid promotion indicates that Starfleet's faith has been boosted thanks to her actions.

The real mystery is in the little-seen Raffi, especially with all the talk of the season being around the cast reunion aspect of season 3. All we currently know is that she believes that someone is hunting her and others down.

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