Star Trek Voyager Cast: Where Are They Now?

They went 75,000 light years away from home. What have these colourful characters been up to since?

Voyager Cast

Star Trek Voyager debuted in 1994 and ran for seven years, finishing up in 2001. Since then, only two characters - Janeway and Seven - have returned for any sort of role in the franchise to date, leaving fans with a Voyager shaped hole in their hearts.

Voyager was not a smooth sailing, either on or off screen. It suffered a little from frequent comparisons to the Next Generation and the characters took a little longer to really begin to stand out. Arguable it wasn't until the show's fourth season that it really took off, though at this stage several viewers had switched off.

Behind the scenes, the camaraderie that seemed to grow up between the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine crews was a little more absent. There was in fighting and a lot of dissatisfaction on the actors' parts, not least with the writing and handling of the show by the producers, but also endless interference and reshuffling of stories and effects.

Despite this, the show lasted as long as both the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, longer in fact than Enterprise and the Original Series. The show is celebrated its twenty fifth anniversary last year and there is a documentary, similar in style to What We Left Behind, in the works.

Until that is released, here is a list compiling what this group of actors have been up to in the intervening years.

18. Anthony De Longis

Voyager Cast

Here's a name that might not be immediately recognisable to many, along with a face that was hidden under a lot of prostethic make-up. Anthony De Longis appeared as the troublesome Maje Cullah in Voyager's first, second and, briefly, its third season.

The Kazon Nistrim were set up to be the major threat of early seasons of Voyager, working alongside the traitorous Seska. However, there was something a little lacking in their villainy. After the Klingons and the Romulans, and with the hideous Vidiians flying around out there - the Kazon simply weren't all that scary.

This led to their storyline being effectively wiped away by the start of the third season. De Longis however would not be stuck for work at this point.

He had previously appeared in acting roles since the '80s, appearing alongside Robert Duncan McNeill in Masters of the Universe. His main passion however is that of a fight coordinator, a role that he has fulfilled for most of his career. Since 1985, he has worked as the fight director at the Los Angeles Music Centre Opera.

He was also the one responsible for training Michelle Pfieffer on how to use a whip on Batman Returns! He co-founded the Australian Light Horsemen, a cavalry team that specializes in reenactments. It's safe to say that this space pirate has been consistantly working all the way along!


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