Star Trek Voyager Cast: Where Are They Now?

17. Susanna Thompson

Voyager Cast

A seasoned character actor, Susanna Thompson has several Star Trek appearances on her credit list. While she is most recognisable as The Borg Queen from Dark Frontier and Unimatrix Zero, she also played Dr. Lenara Khan in Deep Space Nine, along with two appearances in the Next Generation.

Thompson has been in the business for many years, most recently appearing as Moira Queen in the CW's show, Arrow. She has appeared in other mini-series, such as The Gathering.

Appearing in CSI and NCIS, along with many other roles in various TV shows, is continuing to keep busy in Hollywood. She does remember her time on Star Trek fondly, remarking in a 2003 interview that her episode of Deep Space Nine was a particular highlight. She spoke very highly of both Avery Brooks and Terry Farrell, for helping her to feel so comfortable in the run up to what would end up being one of Star Trek's most controversial episodes.

She initially auditioned for the part of the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact and, though unsuccessful, was memorable enough for the producers to bring her back for Voyager. While she did mostly enjoy her time with the cast, she did speak less than fondly about the hours worked and the make-up requirements.

Thankfully though she returned after Dark Frontier for Unimatrix Zero, delivering her chilling Borg Queen and cementing herself in Trek history.


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