Star Trek Voyager Feature Length Episodes: Ranked

From Caretaker to Endgame, the definitive ranking of the mini-movies that get Voyager home.


There are twelve feature length episodes in Voyager's run and it is clear that both time and effort went into each of them, which of course should be true of all episodes. However, it would not be fair to say that all of them share the same qualities. From the opening of the show, there was a lot of hope pinned on Voyager. It was running concurrently with Deep Space Nine and was the first series to premiere after the ending of the Next Generation. It was also the first series to air without any involvement from Gene Roddenberry, who by that stage had been dead for almost four years.

While many of the episodes of the show vary vastly in quality, the feature length episodes all lean on the stronger sides. It would take some time for Voyager to find its feet and it would take some of the entries on this list to help it get there. Fan reaction has been mixed to say the least to some of these and even the actors themselves have strong opinions about one or two of the entries.

Voyager may not have reached the heights of either the Next Generation or Deep Space Nine, but it did try to keep optimism alive in the rapidly darkening late '90s and early '00s and some of these episodes capture some of this essence beautifully.


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