Steven Moffat: 5 Reasons To Love Him and 5 Reasons To Hate Him

3. Jekyll, Tintin and The Curse of Fatal Death

If we all simultaneously forgot everything we had learned about Steven Moffat and had to learn it all again, we would most likely be fairly impressed. He's written three successful sitcoms, revitalized Sherlock Holmes so well it can beat EastEnders in terms of ratings, revamped Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, is the current head-writer for the longest-running Science-Fiction show of all time, and co-wrote a script for a movie directed by Steven Spielberg.

It's hard not to see that Moffat has one of those careers that just speak for themselves. From his hysterical Doctor Who parody starring Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor (and also Jim Broadbent, Richard E Grant, Hugh Grant and funniest of all Joanna Lumley), to actually writing Doctor Who itself, he has a truly notable career and is an undeniably successful writer.


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