Steven Moffat: 5 Reasons To Love Him and 5 Reasons To Hate Him

2. In the Land of the Nightmare, the Moffat is King

Everyone seems to forget this about Steven when they're too busy focusing on the trolling, sexist egomaniac they keep in their head to replace actually processing what the man's really like. But from his very first stories on Doctor Who all the way up to Jekyll, Moffat has played to his own strengths, the mark of a good writer. Almost everything dramatic he's written has had a hint of darkness and fear to it, creating not only some of the most frightening, but some of the most memorable monsters, especially in NuWho.

He's a hugely talented man when it comes to instilling fear in his viewers - from an intense scene in the back of a taxi ('A Study in Pink') to grey aliens who you can never remember ('The Impossible Astronaut') - and for making these nightmarish moments stick in our minds. So why do people seem to forget this in favour of his flaws? It's clearly one of his most notable assets, and the psychological tricks and gimmicks he employs to make his Who monsters ever more unforgettable only get better and better.

Doctor Who in particular has always been about how well its writers can force you behind the sofa, and if Moffat's doing it this well he can't be all that bad.

But I think there's one other reason we should all stop ripping on Moffat for now...


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