Steven Moffat's 10 Greatest Additions To Doctor Who

As Who’s head honcho for 7 years, Steven Moffat undoubtedly made his mark on the show.

Doctor Who The Husbands of River Song
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Ten years ago, Steven Moffat (affectionately known as 'The Moff' by fans) had a hard act to follow when he took the reigns of Doctor Who from Russell T Davies, who had relaunched the classic series in 2005. Moffat quickly became a polarising figure among Whovians. Some hated the big changes that Moffat made to the show. Others appreciated the way Moffat expertly weaved the modern day events of the show with Classic Who lore.

Love him or hate him, Steven Moffat's reign was undoubtedly successful, carrying Doctor Who through it's fiftieth anniversary celebrations, and the tenure of not one, but two Doctors. Moffat made his mark on the classic sci-fi series' history, introducing a number of memorable monsters and characters both before and during his time as showrunner.

So what did 'The Moff' do best while at the helm of the show?

10. Missy

Doctor Who The Husbands of River Song
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After glimpses of the mysterious Missy were scattered throughout Series 8, Moffat dropped the bombshell reveal that Missy was a new incarnation of The Master, The Doctor's life-long Best Frenemy, during 'Dark Water.'

While as insane as ever, Missy is much more layered than other recent versions of The Master, her insanity manifesting itself in a rather different fashion. Where earlier incarnations of The Master were desperate to best The Doctor, Missy was instead obsessed with becoming his friend again. Most of her evil plots are formulated with this goal in mind.

The result is a much more morally complex version of the character than we were used to. A Master that genuinely grows as a character, ultimately deciding to side with The Doctor against her own past self.

The fact that Missy dies without The Doctor ever knowing that she'd chosen to stand with him is one of the greatest tragedies in NuWho.

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