The Big Bang Theory: 10 Questions That Must Be Answered Before The End

Fans might storm the studio if The Big Bang Theory doesn't answer these 10 unanswered questions!


The Big Bang Theory will come to an end when season 12 wraps in 2019, but after a dozen years and 279 episodes, there are still a few questions fans want answered.

This series has been a major player on broadcast television for so long, it would be a shame for it to go off the air without closing out some of the fans' most unanswered questions.

Given the continuity of Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, Penny, and the rest of the cast of characters, you might think the show had finished up all of the stories and will proceed to a conclusion that will satisfy its audience, but that only happens if everything is covered.

After 12 years, most of the stories have come to a close, but there are 10 unanswered questions fans want to see answered before the last episode airs in 2019. Will the series close out all of these questions or leave fans hanging without ever satisfying our collective curiosity? Only the cast and crew know at this point, but when the series comes to an end, it should answer at least these ten questions before going dark forever.


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