The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Match The Lie To The Liar

Was it Leonard, Sheldon, Howard Or Rajesh?

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Lee Cooper was difficult and challenging to be around, and that's why his family and friends often lied to him. While he may have been uncomfortable with withholding the truth and keeping secrets however, his motto was "A key to good lie, lies in the details". That's something he learnt from his brother, Georgie.

Sheldon wasn't the only reason the guys refrained from taking the high road. Leonard, Howard and Raj lied not only to their quirky friend Sheldon, but they also lied to their parents and loved ones. And, the important part of all the lies that were told over the years was that they always created awkwardly funny situations. Like that time Leonard put on dirty carrot coloured lingerie or when Raj "busted" Leonard and Howard in the lab.

It's time to see how well you remember all the lies and manipulations of the honorary Caltech scientists. Match the lie to the liar. Was it Leonard, Sheldon, Howard Or Rajesh? Only a true fan of the show will score full marks on this quiz!

1. I Lied About About Not Being A Member Of The Athenaeum Club.


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