The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Did It – Penny Or Sheldon?

Both Penny and Sheldon are two entirely different beasts but can you tell their antics apart?


Modern TV audiences have been thoroughly spoilt over the past decade or more, particularly when it comes to sitcom shows. Given the sheer number of high-quality sitcoms on offer during recent years, it’s a fair assessment to say that we’re all living in a true golden age of TV.

When looking at these great sitcoms, one show that forever stands out from the pack is The Big Bang Theory. This Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady-created series may have come to a close nearly two years ago, but fans are still regularly lapping up repeat viewings and re-runs on a whole host of TV channels and streaming services across the globe.

By the time all was said and done with The Big Bang Theory, the show had amassed a phenomenal 279 episodes across an impressive 12 seasons. And even then, the legacy of The Big Bang Theory did not fully come to an end – with spin-off prequel offering Young Sheldon already having aired two seasons so far.

Like all great sitcoms, key to any and all of the success of The Big Bang Theory was the core crew of characters who anchored the action of this beloved show. In particular, two characters who seemed to garner so much love from audiences were Kaley Cuoco’s Penny and Jim Parsons’ Sheldon.

Both Penny and Sheldon are two entirely different beasts, yet the quirkiness of The Big Bang Theory also means that they somehow share so many similarities when you break down what was seen throughout the show’s 12 years.

Just how well do you really remember The Big Bang Theory? Here, it’s all about trying to establish which Big Bang favourite did the following things – was it Penny, or was it Sheldon?!

1. Had A Surprise Marriage That Got Annulled.


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