The Big Bang Theory: The Hardest Rajesh Koothrappali True Or False Quiz

Is it all about Koothrappali?

The Big Bang Theory Raj Koothrappali

Rajesh Koothrappali is a cheerful and outgoing guy - until it comes to talking to girls that is. This mission is almost impossible for him - he simply cannot utter a word, which makes him the champion of shyness among the characters of the show. But for Raj, there is a magical way to get around this barrier, which removes all communication barriers for him.

It took him almost six seasons before he could even talk to women, and even then, he had quite a few failed relationships, none of them lasting very long. Yet, Raj was happy in the end, he was able to transform himself and managed to find his true self.

Raj was the son of very wealthy parents, and he often dropped into conversations how good his parents were to him. He disliked Indian food, and this was perhaps because he was overfed in kindergarten with cold, sticky curry. Yet, plenty of things about Brown Dynamite are unknown to fans.

Just how well do you remember Rajesh Koothrappali? Can you ace this true or false quiz with flying colours?

1. Raj Is Afraid Of Spiders.


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