The Impossibly Hard It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz!

You'll never be able to answer all of these questions unless you're an absolute fanatic!


With an expansive set of 14 seasons, there have been plenty of small details in the fantastic series It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Only the most eagle-eyed fans will be able to recall the majority of them. However, for someone who consistently watches the show casually, many of these could come along subconsciously. The show is such good background noise that it's easy not to realise you've been watching for hours.

With character names, small pieces of trivia and actor references, the Always Sunny team as a show have crafted something impossible to recall every detail from. There are so many in-jokes and connections that help the show to feel more lived in.

These questions are designed to force you to pull out the depths of your Always Sunny knowledge, don't expect to be able to answer all of them as it's designed to be a challenging quiz. If you manage to score highly, then you can feel proud of yourself knowing that you indeed are a super fan of the show. With that knowledge, you can celebrate, by watching more!

1. What Animal Appears On One Of Charlie's Classic T-Shirts?


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