The Office Quiz: Who Said It - Kevin Or Stanley

The quiz you probably didn't see coming.


While The Office is undoutably up there in terms of quotable television shows, most people tend to remember the bigger name's best lines. Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute have provided some of comedy's strangest one-liners while Jim Halpert & wife Pamela Beesly brought some of TV's sassiest & most sarcastic quotes to the medium-sized screen.

The main cast certainly brought the best out of each other, but The Office would be nothing without its full cast of widely diverse workers. Enter two of TV's greatest treasures, Kevin Malone & Stanley Hudson.

Despite the two being almost entirely different people, they essentially serve the same purpose: whether it's Kevin's stupidity or Stanley's lack of care for anything non-pretzel related, these two are pure comedic relief.

So, can you distinguish the dumb from the unaware and guess which quote belongs to who?

Answers at the end!

1. And Launch That Lighthouse Into Space

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