The Originals Quiz: Who Said It - Klaus Or Elijah?

Which Mikaelson said it?

The Originals Klaus And Elijah
The CW

The Originals ran for five seasons on The CW and centered around the first family of vampires, the Mikaelsons. Two central characters, Klaus and Elijah, who were unwillingly turned into monsters by their mother, have fought together and against each other throughout the centuries. The relationship between these two frequently changed from being best friends to enemies and back again.

Klaus Mikaelson was the most vicious, ambitious, and powerful hybrid. He was known for being a merciless and psychotic killer. However, Elijah was unpredictable, over-protective and stubborn, he was also extremely kind, intelligent and friendly. Throughout the series, Elijah always tried to protect Klaus and their family from any danger.

Nevertheless, after 92 episodes Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson’s thousand-year story came to an end. In the final episode of The Originals, Klaus sacrificed himself for his daughter in order to save her from dark power. He put everyone ahead of himself. Of course, Elijah would never live without his brother, hence the brothers used the last white oak stake to end each other’s lives.

The Originals finished in an epic finale and their always and forever vow will stay forever in our hearts. But how well do you remember the impressive quotes said by the original brothers? Only the biggest fan will be able to identify whether each of the following quotes was said by Klaus or Elijah.

Answers at the end!

1. “We Were Innocent Once. This Bloodlust Was Forced Upon Us By Our Parents.”


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