The Politician Season 2 Review: 6 Ups & 2 Downs

Netflix's political-dramedy finally finds its footing in a high-stakes second season.

The Politician Season 2

Ryan Murphy has certainly engineered something of a television empire for himself over the past decade. One of the creative minds behind pop-culture classics like Glee and American Horror Story, he's also tried his hand at the more serious side of the TV coin in recent years, producing critical darlings like Feud and American Crime Story. His shows are as loud as they are game-changing, starting conversations and leaving an impression on viewers that digest his content.

The Politician did the same when it arrived on Netflix last September. The first of his shows produced through his new multi-million deal with the streaming giant, anticipation was high for the star-studded political dramedy and it mostly succeeded - thanks in no small part to Ben Platt's showstopping performance. Yes, it faltered more than once, falling victim to a few typical Murphy pitfalls along the way, but its promising finale teased a much much more interesting second season.

Thankfully, that second season comes through, offering up a stronger, better and all-round more engaging political satire as Payton Hobart set his sights on the New York State Senate. It ups the dramatic ante and winds back on the flaws, all while being hilariously self-aware. And it all brings The Politician that much closer to fulfilling its potential.

First, the negatives...

Please be aware this article contains SPOILERS from The Politician Season 2.


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