The Simpsons: 10 Giant Plot-Holes You Probably Missed

9. The Location Of Springfield

Springfield It has been the longest running joke in a series loaded with long running jokes that the actual location of the Simpsons home town, Springfield, remained a mystery, despite the series offering up numerous confusing and often contradictory clues. Series creator Matt Groening once let it drop in a Smithsonian interview that the town was named after Springfield, Oregon, but later backtracked, claiming the TV version is not meant to actually be that town. Longtime showrunner and producer Al Jean claims the actual location borders "Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky," so yeah, there's that. Wherever you as a fan think Springfield is, it's often overlooked in these calculations that the town actually moves physically at the end of the 200th episode, "Trash of the Titans" as a direct result of Homer becoming Garbage Commissioner and flooding Springfield in rubbish from neighboring towns. Therefore, whatever location you think Springfield is in needs to be adjusted by at least a few miles.
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