The Simpsons: 10 Most Controversial Moments Ever

9. Frank Grimes' Death

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This was one downright hard to watch. In this episode, titled Homer’s Enemy, a new employee joins the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. The newcomer, Frank Grimes, is the polar opposite of Homer.

Instead of being goofy and inefficient at work, Grimes strives for perfection and is horrified at the way Homer conducts himself. Eventually, Homer’s actions go from a source of botheration to a major source of distress for poor Mr. Grimes.

By the end of the episode, he is all but driven mad. In his frenzied state, Grimes causes himself to be electrocuted, leading to his death.

The episode has drawn a lot of criticism, citing its extremely dark tone as being too much for viewers. At the end of the day, people tune into the Simpsons to have a good time. No one needs their comedy shows to give them extra depression.

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