The Simpsons: 10 Underrated Episodes No One Talks About

8. Eternal Moonshine Of The Simpson Mind

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A lot of the episodes on this list have a gimmick of sorts, or are a clear rip off something, much like with The Debarted. Seemingly this was the only way to craft strong episodes after almost 20 years, and season 19's Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind is no different.

Based on 2004's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, this episode sees Homer go on a mysterious journey, trying to remember what had happened the previous night, and why his family had seemingly abandoned him. It may not have the classic Simpsons comedy of the golden age, but it is a genuinely compelling story.

With only patches coming back to him, since he had Moe fix him the lethal forget-me-shot, the story comes together slowly over the course of the episode, keeping the audience guessing from start to finish. Surely we all knew that Marge would never have had an affair (apart from with Jacques), but it was still a fun mystery.

It wasn't until Homer jumped/was pushed off a bridge that his life flashed before his eyes and he remembered that his loving wife was just planning a surprise party for him. This is a strong, unique episode that gets overlooked simply because it lies within season 19.

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