The Simpsons Season 29: 10 Excellent Things You Need To Know

9. Maggie's Secret Talent Is Exposed

The Simpsons Season 29

Maggie fans won't hear her talk at length any time soon, but her mouth's capable of changing her into a star anyway. Homer stumbles upon her gift for whistling and navigates Maggie on her path to newfound stardom.

Whistler's Father, the season's third episode, marks a return to Homer and Maggie's perplexing but sweet dynamic. Homer sacrificed his dream job at a bowling alley before Maggie's arrival in And Maggie Makes Three. His noble act produced the often seen image of her pictures covering his power plant plaque except for the words "do it for her." In Whistler's Father, Maggie's the one bringing in the cash with her high-pitched tweets.

Maggie is mute for the most part, but the writers are exceptional when it comes to making her emotions clear. Homer and Maggie struggle to connect at times despite their best efforts. Maggie becomes frustrated with his lack of understanding, while Homer is oblivious about her unspoken feelings. Nevertheless, the duo manages to meet in the middle and grow closer by the end credits.

Fans of the dazed father and intelligent infant, who are responsible for several of the series' most touching scenes, can add Whistler's Father to their favorites. Maggie won't be saving Homer from riptides or gunning down gangsters for him but an interesting burden falls on her small shoulders. Based on their past adventures, her celebrity should showcase the subtle beauties of Maggie's connection to Homer.

Words may escape the tiniest Simpson, but her whistles contribute to a creative plot full of potential.

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