The Umbrella Academy Quiz: How Closely Were You Watching Season 2?

Can you keep the timeline intact and ace this quiz?


Calling The Umbrella Academy a major hit probably still wouldn't be enough to do it justice. Netflix's superhero series entertained millions of households in its first week when its first season dropped on the streaming service last February, so it was only a matter of time until a second was commissioned.

That second season made its presence felt on the last day of July when the troubled (and occasionally heroic) siblings Five, Vanya, Allison, Luther, Klaus and Ben Hargreeves, were tasked with stopping the end of the world again... after their first attempt ended up being the very thing that caused it.

As expected, it was a ridiculous lyfun affair that was every bit as ambitious as it was compelling, so you can rest assured that fans enjoyed every last minute - leaving them all hoping for a third offering in the near-future.

That being said, just how closely were you watching the timey-wimey events of Season 2? Can you recall everything that transpired? Can you handle yourself and stop the apocalypse with this quiz or are you destined to change the timeline instead? Let's find out...

Answers at the end!

1. How Many Days Do The Umbrella Academy Have To Stop This Apocalypse At The Start Of The Season?





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