The Umbrella Academy: Ranking Every Character Worst To Best


1. Number 5 (And Dolores)

The Umbrella Academy Aidan Gallagher

Thanks in part to a stunning performance by relative newcomer Aidan Gallagher, Number 5 is the best character in The Umbrella Academy. He's effortlessly cool, hugely complex and layered like an onion. Or a cake. Or an ogre.

The conceit that he is a fifty-odd-year-old man trapped in a young teenager means Gallagher is forced to play an adult role, which is taxing for any young actor, but he is wholly convincing. He's basically as immediately brilliant as Finn Wolfhard was in Stranger Things and the future is absolutely bright for him.

And of course, mention has to also go to Dolores, who is essentially just a projection of another part of Number 5. Makes you wonder how close their relationsho was though. Thirty years is a long time to be lonely...

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