The Walking Dead: Every Season 8 Episode Ranked Worst To Best

15. Time For After

The Walking Dead

Directly following on from The King, The Widow, and Rick, Time For After is yet another mid-season with far too much going on to make itself in any way effective or engaging. It's an episode with no real strengths.

Whilst Rick tries to escape the Scavengers, Eugene makes plans to break the Saviors free of the walker herd that has surrounded their compound. Meanwhile, Daryl, Michonne, Tara and Rosita debate whether to destroy the Sanctuary once and for all, defying Rick's orders.

The action throughout is brief and uneventful, and between Rick's imprisonment and Eugene's attempts to keep himself in Negan's good graces, it's all rather repetitive and predictable. The character motivations are thin and inconsistent, the final twist obvious, and the continued existence of the Scavengers beyond frustrating.


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