The Walking Dead: Every Season 9 Episode Ranked Worst To Best

15. A New Beginning

The Walking Dead Daryl Beta

The first episode of the season, A New Beginning is an intriguing set-up to bigger things. Sporting a lighter tone than last season and finally spending some time with the communities working together and thriving, it's a bit on the filler side, but makes for a nice foundation.

Far and away the best aspect of the episode comes from the way it establishes how everyone's changed since the war: Rick and Michonne are happy with Judith; Carol and Ezekiel are in a relationship; Daryl and Maggie have become leaders.

But it also sheds light on how not everything has moved on, and that the war has left unfixable scars. This side of things lets it down, finding the show unable to move on from past events, but between Maggie's clash with Gregory and Rick's happy family life, it works overall and promises big things.


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