Titans Season 1 Finale: 7 Major Questions We’re Left With After 'Dick Grayson'

6. Will Hawk and Dove Come To The Rescue?

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Following the events of the show's second episode, 'Hawk and Dove', which saw Dawn tossed off a roof after a bloody battle with the Nuclear Family and end up in a coma, the season's ninth episode once again focused on her and Hank - detailing the tragic events that ended up bringing them together and kick-starting their path towards vigilantism as Hawk and Dove.

That episode ended with Dawn finally waking from her coma, informing Hank that Rachel needed their help. However, they didn't appear in either of the following episodes to lend a hand. While this is obviously understandable, given that both episodes took place in the same night (and the finale was essentially a filler episode), we do have to wonder if they will show up at some point in the Season 2 premiere.

With Dick officially on the dark side now, Kory, Donna, Gar and Rachel are going to need all the help they can get - and with the latter's mind-communication having worked, it's highly likely that they could end up helping rescue her from the clutches of Trigon when the show returns.

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