5 Biggest Top Gear Controversies

3. Suicide

Controversy: Somewhat unique for Top Gear controversies, this one was not caused by something that was said, but rather by something that was shown. When challenged to produce a new TV advert for Volkswagen, Clarkson and May came up with an idea that included a desolate man committing suicide. By shooting himself in the head. Fairly graphically. Complaints: 50 Outcome: Although Ofcom decided that severed arms were justifiable, ultimately Rule 1.11, "violence to be appropriately limited before the watershed" was deemed to have been breached by the shooting: "it was precisely because Top Gear is an established entertainment programme which features a typical sort of humour that many viewers €“ including some adults watching with children - would not have expected such a violent scene to appear. Ofcom noted there was no information before the spoof advertisement was shown which would have prepared viewers for its potentially disturbing nature and alerted adult viewers to the fact that it may be unsuitable for younger viewers."
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