Twin Peaks: The Return: 10 Most Wonderful & Strange Theories Examined

7. Richard And Linda’s Prospective Parentage

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Spoken by an average person on an average day, you probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid at “Richard” and “Linda” being addressed in the same sentence, but those names spoken by ??????? (aka The Giant) in Part 1 of The Return has caused endless sleepless nights for us.

In the memorable black-and-white scene, the Lodge inhabitant shared this cryptic message with Dale Cooper:

“Remember 430," he said, before mentioning "Richard" and "Linda", and something about "two birds, one stone.”

Now assuming that Richard Horne is one half of this pairing, it is possible that Linda - the unseen wife of Mickey, a resident of the Fat Trout Trailer Park - is his twin (two birds) as a result of DoppelCooper’s speculative assault on Audrey Horne (one stone), giving rise to an evil partnership similar to BOB and MIKE’s.

Playing devil’s advocate with this theory for a moment, it is equally as plausible that Linda, the wheelchair-bound war veteran, is the more virtuous offspring of Good Cooper and Annie Blackburn, conceived before they both entered the Lodge at the end of season two.

Elsewhere, others have theorised that Linda is the result of DoppelCooper’s (strongly implied) sexual assault on Diane, who may have chosen to put her daughter up for adoption in the aftermath of the horrific incident, causing her to become a regular at Max Von’s Bar in Philadelphia.


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