The Walking Dead: 4 Things "Consumed" Got Right (And 6 It Didn't)

The Good

4. Spotlighting Every Character

At this point The Walking Dead is almost starting to feel like an anthology show, and it's all the stronger for it. The pacing in previous seasons has been hampered by the need to constantly focus on the story of the one group, and whilst the dynamics within that have made for some interesting conflicts, you can hit a much steadier (and more interesting) rhythm if you break that group up, scatter them across the map, and see what really makes them tick when they're not arguing with each other. Under the spotlight this week were Daryl and Carol - hey, that rhymes - as they scarper from the relative safety of the church Rick and the gang have holed up in for now, in the hope of tracking down the young Beth (who we last saw hanging out in a dystopian police state in Slabtown). Mostly though, the episode was a chance for Carol to reflect on her life, pre and post-zombie plague. It's nice that the writers are giving the characters a chance to flourish on their own, especially when they've been through so much collectively.

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