WandaVision Episode 6: 5 Biggest Talking Points

4. Darcy Joins The Rest Of Westview's Populace

Agnes WandaVision Halloween
Marvel Studios

Wanda Maximoff is reminding MCU fans exactly how powerful she truly is.

At the climax of the most recent episode, Wanda learns that her husband has attempted to leave Westview, in search of help for the residents that she has under her control. When she discovers this, something inside her snaps as she pauses time for all those around her and grows the "Hex".

She pushes the boundaries of her town and as she does so, takes in many of the surrounding S.W.O.R.D. agents and facilities. The latest list of Westview residents includes one Darcy Lewis, as she was left handcuffed to a S.W.O.R.D. vehicle and unable to run away when Wanda expanded her sphere of influence.

So, what's going to happen to Darcy Lewis?

Darcy was sucked into Westview along with the S.W.O.R.D. agents and yet, she is the only character that we don't get to see after her introduction to the New Jersey town. We know that entry and exit from the Hex manipulates a person's cells and changes them beyond return.

One can assume that after just one visit to Westview, Dr. Lewis' molecular structure will be relatively unchanged. However, will she be under Wanda's spell immediately, or will her knowledge of the situation be enough to keep her fighting from Maximoff's powers?


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