WandaVision: What Is The Hex REALLY?

5. Her Trauma

WandaVision Hexagon
Marvel Studios

Another argument may be that the hexagons are reflective of the grief Wanda has. Perhaps the shape is part of Wanda’s grief manifested or maybe it is a cruel trick played by another doer, using the shape as a subconscious trauma trigger for Wanda’s emotions. Whether this is subconsciously done by her or is used by someone more dangerous in order to feed off her pain, they are synonymous with her sadness.

In episode six, when Vision attempts to leave Westview, we witness these hexagons again. The synthetic Vibranium which forms Vision is ripped back into Westview in hexagonal shapes. This leaves Vision lying on the ground dying as we see Wanda try to save him. I would like to argue, however, that this has much more to do with the death of Vision than just the formation of his Vibranium.

Perhaps these hexagon shapes are a trigger for Wanda's emotions which started within Avengers: Endgame. Although rather broken, the shape formed in Vision's head when Thanos takes the mind stone is symbolic of a hexagon. Wanda sees Vision's corpse again within episode four and it is here that we can truly see the shape of the trauma.

If you pause it on Vision's face, you can see five distinct points of a hexagon, with the last bottom point missing. It would not be wrong to assume that this could be an incredibly traumatic visual for Wanda and that, maybe, the full hexagons within the series are a way of Wanda trying to force something back into Vision. However, the missing point just serves to prove that Vision cannot and will not be the same as he was before.

This trauma also manifests itself in the transformation of Agent Franklin as he crosses the boarder into Westview, his hazmat suit turning into that of a beekeeper. It could be thought that Wanda is witnessing these hexagons on a conscious or subconscious level and she is representing their meanings and dangers in this beekeeper design – after all, honeycomb is also formed in a hexagonal design.


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