You'll Never Get 100% On This Family Guy Quiz

Just how well do you know this juggernaut of animated television?


Few modern-day TV series have been as influential and as game-changing as Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy.

While The Simpsons is an iconic piece of television, Family Guy came along and totally freshened up what audiences were familiar with from an animated series. With a more adult-orientated slant and with edgy, cringe-inducing subject matters and moments, Family Guy gave animated TV a shot in the arm similar to that seen when South Park first launched.

Here we are now then, in 2019 and with an eighteenth season of Family Guy set to premiere on September 29th. That in itself is a remarkable achievement, and it's even more impressive that the show has largely managed to stay entertaining, hilarious and topical to this very day.

There is maybe an argument to be made that the most recent seasons of Family Guy aren't quite up to the high standards of a few years ago, but the show is still a ridiculously popular one both in terms of TV ratings and home video sales.

What we've got here is a quiz designed to establish just how well you know Family Guy - with even the most passionate fans likely to struggle to get 100% on this one!

1. Which Animal Is 'The Word'?


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