Young Justice: Outsiders - 6 Ups & 2 Downs From The Season 3 Premiere


6. A Tale Of Three Episodes

Young Justice Outsiders 1
DC Universe

Unlike fellow DC Universe series Titans, Young Justice debuted its first three episodes all at once, with 'Princes All', 'Royal We' and 'Eminent Threat' arriving on the service simultaneously. Although this may have seemed like an unusual decision at first (given that the first two seasons of Young Justice did prove that a lot could happen in a single 20-minute episode), it soon became clear that it was a completely logical one. On the surface they may have been three separate episodes but in reality, this was a three-part season premiere.

Though this format marked somewhat of a change from the self-contained episodes of the previous seasons, it was a wise creative choice. After all, we haven't seen a new Young Justice episode in six years, so a single 20-minute episode just wasn't going to cut it.

As this was essentially an hour-long premiere, the writers had a lot more room to breathe with the new narrative and, on a whole, this benefited each single episode. With long drawn-out news segments to relay important background information about Markovia, the first episode, 'Princes All', was more about catching us up than anything else and, as a result, not an awful lot of story progression took place. However, when you put it together with the two episodes that came next, you have a solid three-part premiere that got us to the heart of the story.

Speaking of that story...


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