Young Justice: Outsiders - 6 Ups & 2 Downs From The Season 3 Premiere

5. A New Chapter Of The Same Story

Young Justice Outsiders

Without a doubt, the main thing that set Young Justice apart from other animated shows of its time was its complex method of long-form storytelling. With arcs that developed across the first season and then cleverly spilled into the second, it was so good that it single-handedly proved how animation can rival live-action when it comes to producing gripping well-paced narratives.

The first season took a look at the rise of villainous faction The Light, who had a hand in producing young clones with enhanced abilities. The second season took that one step further as they then partnered with aliens, The Reach, in order to isolate the meta-gene in youngsters.

This season, the writers have once progressed this meta-gene story further, dealing with a metahuman trafficking operation in Markovia where young people exhibiting signs of the coveted meta-gene are kidnapped and turned into weapons. Run by the team's old foe Count Vertigo, it wasted no time throwing us back into the action and, more importantly, making us suspect that The Light once again has a major part to play here.

We may have turned the page onto a new chapter, but this is still very much the original story that the writers set out to tell - it's just taken an enticing new turn.


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