8 Brutal Fights From The Anything Goes Era Of The UFC

8. Gary Goodridge Vs. Mark Schultz UFC 9

Gary Goodridge was no stranger to brutal bouts during his brief UFC tenure. Fights with Paul Herrera, Jerry Bohlander, and Don Frye solidified the Canadian in the eyes of fans of the sport as an all-action competitor.

Unfortunately for Goodridge though, his feature on this list is as a result of his defeat by Mark Schultz.

A gold medal winner at the 1984 Olympics, Schultz entered into the cage with an unmatched wrestling pedigree and submission skills. During one bout in his Olympic campaign, Schultz utilised a Kimura to earn a dominant position, ultimately breaking the arm of his Turkish opponent.

Competing just four months after the untimely death of his brother Dave Schultz, Mark entered his bout at UFC 9 against Goodridge on short notice.

Though it would prove to be his one and only MMA fight, Schultz would showcase his limitless potential during his bout with Goodridge, scoring some slick takedowns and completely dominating the grappling exchanges, opening up a large cut on 'Big Daddy'.

Schultz repeatedly targeted the cut once it was opened leading to a pool of blood forming beneath the two combatants. Schultz also covered Goodridge's mouth and nose to prevent the Canadian from breathing. After 12 minutes the cut would prove too large and the fight would be stopped, handing Schultz the win in his only MMA bout.

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