10 Doctor Who Moments IMPOSSIBLE To Watch The Same After This

9. The Footage In The Solitract Plane Is Flipped

Doctor Who Deep Breath Matt Smith mask
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With its flesh-eating moths, frog on a chair, and mirror universes, It Takes You Away was one of the most imaginative episodes of Series 11.

It’s also one of the most visually interesting, thanks to a clever little trick deployed by director Jamie Childs.

The Solitract plane seen in this episode is a world which strongly resembles our own, but isn’t quite the same. It’s a world of impossibilities and contradictions – where people we’ve lost are still alive, for instance.

The portal to the Solitract plane is found within a mirror, and this neatly encapsulates the idea that it's a slightly off version of our own reality.

It’s not something that’s immediately apparent, but if you watch closely, you’ll notice that all of the scenes set within the Solitract plane have been flipped in post-production, as though they're inside a mirror.

Take a look at Jodie Whittaker’s hair parting (which is usually on the right, but temporarily switches to the left), or the SLAYER text on Erik’s t-shirt, which is inverted during the Solitract-set scenes.

Doctor Who It Takes You Away Erik
BBC Studios

It’s a very subtle touch, but a cool one nonetheless – and once you’ve noticed it, you’ll never watch the episode in the same way again.

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