10 Doctor Who Moments IMPOSSIBLE To Watch The Same After This

London is Cardiff, regeneration elixir is lemonade, and UNIT HQ is a restaurant?!

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Whereas casual viewers might be content to watch a Doctor Who episode once and then put it to the side, hardcore fans know that this is only half the story.

Indeed, the show’s production history is often just as interesting, and as illuminating, as the Doctor's adventures themselves.

The right anecdote or piece of behind-the-scenes trivia can totally change our perception of a scene. It can draw our attention to things we’d never have otherwise noticed, and make us see characters, locations, and plot points in a completely different light – for better or for worse!

Sometimes, these details will shine a light on genuinely impressive bits of production trickery. Sometimes, they’ll expose embarrassing mistakes and misapprehensions. Sometimes, they'll reveal fascinating off-camera stories you've never heard before.

Whatever the case, these details will change the way you view the scene in question forevermore...

10. Rose Saves The Day On The Same Street Her Father Died

Doctor Who Deep Breath Matt Smith mask
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At the beginning of Father’s Day, the Doctor takes Rose back in time to witness the moment of her father’s death on Jordan Road. We then see the pair visit the street again, where Rose saves her old man's life.

This wouldn’t be the last time Jordan Road appeared in the show, and in fact, it has quite a special connection with the series finale The Parting of the Ways.

When the TARDIS takes Rose back home midway through that episode, it lands right opposite the corner where Pete was originally killed.

Meanwhile, the cafe where she catches up with Jackie and Mickey is the boarded-up building she was stood in front of with the Doctor in Father's Day.

It may have been a case of the crew going back to a tried and tested location for the sake of convenience, rather than building an intentional connection between Father's Day and The Parting of the Ways (indeed, Rose makes no reference to it being the same street).

Doctor Who The Parting of the Ways
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Whatever the case, it’s fitting that she should save the day from this spot, given that it’s the events of Father’s Day that ultimately inspire Jackie to help her with that massive yellow recovery truck.

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