10 Amazing Small WWE Royal Rumble Moments You May Have Missed

8. Bobby Heenan, Best In The Biz - Royal Rumble 1992

WWE Royal Rumble 1992 Ric Flair Bobby Heenan Mr Perfect Mean Gene Okerlund

One of a clutch of Rumbles generally in contention for the top spot, 1992’s iteration is memorable for a number of reasons. Most notable is the fact that, instead of a WrestleMania spot, the World Heavyweight Championship was on the line, won by Ric Flair, who’d taken his big gold belt over from WCW and was claiming to be the real world’s champion.

As extraordinary as Flair’s performance is, though, almost equally important is the performance of Bobby Heenan on the commentary desk. The Brain is remembered as one of the all-time great smart alecs on the mic, but here he serves a greater purpose, putting over Ric Flair not just as an amazing wrestler but as the ultimate underdog.

The deck is stacked against the Nature Boy, who enters at #3 with a target on his back. He has jumped from Atlanta to the land of the giants, and must use all his wiles to leave with the gold. It’s down to Heenan to convey the story - that it’s not fair to Flair! - and he does so with gusto, rabbiting on for an hour non-stop, despite Gorilla Monsoon’s protestations.

Ric Flair, ultimately, doesn’t need a mouthpiece, but if there’s one man who could elevate the man’s status even higher, it’s Heenan.


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