10 Awesome Wrestlers Who Had Terrible Managers

5. The Undertaker (Brother Love)

Steve Austin Robert Parker

Though WWE's freshly exhumed undead Undertaker and real-life mortician Paul Bearer were obviously made for one another, it wasn't actually the company's original plan, the perfect pairing falling into place merely through circumstance.

As anyone who regularly listens to his popular podcast will be acutely aware, Bruce Prichard's crimson-skinned televangelist Brother Love was the one who originally introduced 'Mean' Mark to WWE television. The alliance didn't last - but not because the screeching preacher and the unholy zombie weren't in any way congruous.

According to the man himself, the gig could have been a long-term thing for Prichard were it not for the fact he was working behind the curtain at the time. Sticking with the proto-Phenom would mean giving up his cushy production job, and once more hitting the road as a full-time performer. The Brother didn't love the sound of that, and so WWE auditioned a new man as The Undertaker's carer. It was the right decision.

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Editorial Team

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