10 Awesome WWE Payback Moments

10. Neville Gets Chance To Display Acrobatics

Even though he comes to the ring donning a cape, and has a cartoon-like superhero logo, Neville seems to have avoided the 'Mighty Mouse' gimmick that was rumoured for him upon his arrival on the main WWE roster. That can only be considered a good thing, because the guy really deserves much better than being a mid-card joke who borders on comedy. Speaking of which, 'King' Barrett looks pretty uncomfortable when strolling to the ring in his royal garb, and it's fair to say that the monarchy gimmick won't do much for him in the long run - the whole thing reeks of being too cheesy to enable a wrestler to hit the main event scene. On a more cheerful note, both Barrett and Neville work well together, and they put on another decent bout at Payback. The ending may have been a little sudden - Barrett decided to take a walk, enabling himself to get counted out - but it does continue the feud, which can only be considered a good thing. Barrett is a stalwart of the main roster these days, giving Neville someone to shine against and show his athleticism, which is exactly what he did here.

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