10 Awful Wrestling Commentary Calls That Took Away From The Moment

7. Let The Wrestlers Wrestle (RAW 2010-2012)

Michael Cole

This entry may seem like a cheat, but it is simply impossible to pinpoint a single awful moment in the sea of unpleasantness that was RAW’s commentary during 2010-2012. With Michael Cole’s blossoming heel persona allowed to extend past the confides of NXT to the main roster, he became an insufferable, nasal and one-dimensional character.

Heel commentators are not bad by nature - in fact, many of the very best have been known for the antagonizing ways - yet Michael Cole lacked the charisma or knowledge to pull it off effectively.

Entered into a feud with fellow commentator Jerry Lawler, the two spent months arguing amongst themselves, ignoring the action in the ring and rendering countless segments simply unwatchable.

The bickering reached its apex in the lead up to their Wrestlemania showdown and subsequent appearances. For detracting from angles and matches in the lead up to the biggest show of the year, this angle deserves ridicule - and to be remembered only for its abysmal booking.


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