10 Best MMA Fighters Of The 2010s

9. Max Holloway

Decade Record: 21-5

The man of a million strikes. Death by volume. The never-ending striking machine. Max Holloway has made a career out of absolutely dismantling his opponents, not by sheer force, knockout power or even submission speciality, but by absolutely and unequivocally picking apart his foe and wearing them down through his sheer volume of strikes.

Holloway has become famous for his staggering post-fight numbers, often reaching dizzying heights for not just strikes thrown, but the unbelievable amount of strikes landed. He holds both records for most significant strikes in a fight (290), and a single round with an insane 134 against a hapless Brian Ortega, who was being hit every 2.2 seconds!

The Hawaiian equalled the record for second-longest winning streak of all time with 13 on the trot, going nearly six years between defeats while capturing and defending the Featherweight Championship from Brazilian legend Jose Aldo.

His impressive resume also saw him racking up wins over Cub Swanson, Charles Oliveira, Jeremy Stephens, Anthony Pettis, and Frankie Edgar, just to name a few.

Losing two of his last three fights of the decade, including his title, to Alexander Volkanovski and Dustin Poirier probably keeps him from sitting higher on the list, but his unique style and incredible dominance over the featherweight division should never be understated.


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