10 Best Non-World Title Title Matches In WWE WrestleMania History

9. Kane Vs. Big Show Vs. Raven - WrestleMania X-Seven

Savage Steamboat WrestleMania III

WrestleMania X-Seven is often described as the best WrestleMania ever. With so many incredible matches and stories on the card, it’s hard to dispute the claim. One match that does get lost in the illustrious shuffle, is this Triple Threat between Kane, Big Show and Raven for the Hardcore Title.

The Hardcore Title was an absolute joyride for the time that it existed. It was like the 24/7 Title but you know, cool. Anyway, at 'Mania X-Seven, the Big Red Machine, the World’s Largest Athlete and the former ECW and WCW legend were fighting over the rag-tag belt.

This match was so ridiculous yet so brilliant that it’s hard to describe. There was attempts at locking each other in cages, crashes through glass, brawling all across the arena and even a flippin golf cart chase. In the end, Kane emerged victorious after he had kicked both his opponents off the stage, and then jumped off it himself to crash into them for good measure.


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