10 Best Talkers In WWE Today

9. Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss

It is a shame that for the past couple of years WWE has not made the most out of Alexa Bliss, as she has proven to be one of the most entertaining performers on the roster. There may be some who found her dark persona good, but her antics alongside Lilly were often cringeworthy despite Alexa's obvious determination to get the character over.

It is good that in recent months she has transitioned back to a more normal persona, albeit as a face figure when her best work has been done as a heel. 'The Goddess' character she adopted for her first few years on the main roster put her amongst the elite of the women's division when she had not even had much exposure during her time in NXT.

The five-time WWE Women's Champion could reach the main event of the company once again if she is not woefully miscast as a spooky villain again. In the meantime, it is fine to keep her as a face whilst she competes in the stacked RAW women's division, but the company should ultimately be looking to turn Bliss into a heel figure once again.

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