10 Best Times WWE Stars Pulled Double Duty

10. Edge - Royal Rumble 2005

In early 2005, seven years into his WWE stint, Edge was finally starting to come into his own. He had just turned heel, and was very clearly on a career upswing.

To open the 2005 Royal Rumble, Edge wrestled Shawn Michaels. Going one-on-one with HBK on a Big Four PPV is prestigious enough, but Edge upped his prestige even more by pinning Michaels. It wasn't a clean pin, but a hastily-reversed roll-up with rope-assisted leverage, but that's fine; Edge didn't become the 'Ultimate Opportunist' by soberly pinning dudes with Oklahoma Rolls or whatever.

Despite wrestling a near-twenty minute match with an all-time great earlier in the night, Edge still had to compete in the Royal Rumble match itself. The Rated-R Superstar did extremely well for himself, too, lasting over 40 minutes and eliminating four major players in Eddie Guerrero, Ric Flair, Shelton Benjamin, and Rey Mysterio.

Edge didn't win the Rumble that year, but he did make it to the final four alongside John Cena, Mysterio and Batista. He established himself as a major star, and used the momentum to jumpstart a new phase of his career, one that would lead him to win the inaugural Money in the Bank and, ultimately, the WWE Championship.

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