10 Best TNA Feuds Ever

Total Nonstop Rivalries.

Kurt Angle Samoa Joe

If there's one thing TNA's storytelling has rarely been praised for, it's consistency.

Episodes of TNA iMPACT were a variety show of quality, often boasting weirdly great comedic undercard plots whilst botching hot main event angles beyond belief. Despite the frequently gifted and diverse roster on offer, the promotion developed an oft-mocked reputation for its topsy-turvy booking under the likes of Vince Russo and Hulk Hogan, as well as its over-reliance on ex-WWE talent.

Even with the many flaws spotted within the six sides of Orlando grappling mayhem, there's plenty of diamonds in the rough when it comes to hot feuds and angles. For every Russo swerve or Jeff Jarrett reign of terror, there was groundbreaking work going on thanks to a variety of dynamic stars including AJ Styles, Gail Kim, Samoa Joe and James Storm. Often providing a wilder level of violent excitement and soap opera-esque mayhem than WWE, TNA surprised fans and critics alike with top tier storytelling on many occasions.

With TNA now firmly in the rear-view mirror following its rebirth as Impact Wrestling, many are starting to look back on it with an odd sort of nostalgia.

Here, then, are ten of TNA's finest feuds to revisit and enjoy.

10. AJ Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels

Kurt Angle Samoa Joe

Thanks to the unforgivable Claire Lynch, there'll be many who'll likely roll their eyes at this one.

For those who saw the golden years of TNA's X-Division though, AJ Styles' wars with longtime frenemy Christopher Daniels are the stuff of legend.

With Jeff Jarrett's shenanigans-laden claw hold on the NWA World Title infuriating many, the X-Division's focus on high-flying workrate and dynamic young stars was a breath of fresh air. No one embodied the daredevil, grand scale mayhem of the division better than 'The Phenomenal One'.

A homegrown fan favourite, Styles found his perfect rival in Christopher Daniels. Dark, eccentric and vainglorious where Styles was straight-laced and noble, Daniels believed himself the true king of the division. At Against All Odds 2005, the beef kicked into high gear with 'The Georgia Pitbull' retaining the X-Division gold against 'The Fallen Angel' in an incendiary Iron Man match.

Rather than an over-the-top personal feud, the pair were essentially sportsmen trying to outwit each other, both determined to prove they held the superior technique. As 2005 went on, the increasingly on-and-off rivalry between the pair developed a deeper, more poignant layer. Despite all the bluff and bluster, it was clear they respected each other.

By 2006, and in the wake of Samoa Joe essentially massacring the X-Division scene, Styles and Daniels were on-screen pals and a fan favourite tag team. It was a thoughtful and satisfying end to an impressive and engaging battle of wits.

The less said about the feuds that followed with these two the better.


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