10 Best WCW Entrance Theme Songs Ever

6. Sting (Crow Version)

http://youtu.be/FvmaR5CjZG8 There were two chapters in Sting's career, so he had different songs. When he was the energetic babyface in the late 1980s and through the mid 1990s he had this over the top song called "Man Called Sting." A woman sang the lyrics about how he's a "man called Sting" and some of the lyrics were so bad that it was simply "he does this, he does that" in the song. That's how basic it was. Things changed when he became the Crow version of Sting in 1996. He didn't wrestle in 1997 until the end of the year, but this is the version of the song he used. Sting didn't talk much as that character, so it was fitting that his song had no words too. What's cool about the song is that it's orchestra music. You really don't hear too many of those types of songs too often in wrestling. There's something mysterious about it too. It was also such a difference from "Man Called Sting" that it really sets up the other part of his career well. http://youtu.be/WeVwm72Z6yk If the song sounds familiar even if you didn't watch WCW it's because when WWE did the WWE 2K14 video game commercial they had an orchestra playing Sting's song. That likely means that if they end up signing Sting to a contract and he has a match he'll probably use his WCW theme song.
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