10 Best WCW Entrance Theme Songs Ever

5. Harlem Heat (Booker T In Singles Too)

http://youtu.be/gaIcBGKNFy0 The Harlem Heat theme song called "Rap Sheet" was a great track that Booker T & Stevie Ray used as they were ascending the ranks in the tag team ranks. The "yes" and "no" stuff were chants that played throughout the song. Aside from the "yes yes no no" stuff there were no lyrics in the song. It was a song with a great beat to it. There were also points in the song where there was chuckling and laughing. That part really caught people's attention because when they think about that song they think about the cool beat, but the evil laugh is also very memorable as well. When Booker broke off as a singles wrestler in the late 1990s he continued to use the song. When he went to WWE in 2001 they also kept that song for him although they mixed in his "can you dig it sucka" catchphrase into it because that's something WWE always did. It's a really cool song that is one of the longest in terms of its longevity because it lasted about twenty years although Booker is retired now.
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