10 Best Wrestlers Who Came Out Of The WCW Power Plant

These men did what Louis Theroux could not.

WCW Power Plant

Long before WWE's Performance Center, and actually years before Vince McMahon's league had their own in-house developmental farming system at all, there was WCW's Power Plant.

To fans of the 90s, this curious talent factory was a bit of a mystery. It wasn't until beanpole British filmmaker and journalist Louis Theroux produced a documentary on the place that people got a good look inside. That episode of 'Weird Weekends' (the final one of his second series) had Louis training under the militant 'Sarge' DeWayne Bruce alongside other pro wrestling hopefuls.

It was fascinating, and it finally shone the spotlight on WCW's forward-thinking facility. Now, all these years on, we're giving the Power Plant some love too by analysing the talent that passed through its doors; you may notice there are no women here. Frankly, whilst the likes of Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler had great careers, they weren't exactly wonderful in-ring. It's as simple as that.

The focus is on those who offered a little more between the ropes, had serious potential or went on to bigger and better things after putting in some hours at the Plant. Some of the names here may just surprise you...

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