10 Best Wrestling Reunions Ever

2. D-Generation X (2006)

D Generation X 2006 Reunion

WWE were always going to try with a D-Generation X reunion at some point. They'd already teased it in the build towards an epic Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels feud in 2002, and it was obvious older fans were champing at the bit to throw down their money for new DX merchandise.

So, in 2006, WWE gave them what they wanted.

Both Triple H and Michaels performed the DX crotch chop gesture during their matches at WrestleMania 22. That was a sign of things to come. During a Gauntlet Match between Trips and The Spirit Squad on the 12 June '06 Raw, HBK ran out to help his friend, cleared the ring and then posed with his old buddy to the delight of the crowd.

Despite the childish feel of the pair's banter (product placement, toilet humour etc) over the next few months, people lapped it up because it came at the expense of Vince McMahon. By using his excellent facial expressions, McMahon successfully made DX look like teenage rogues who were out to make his life a misery.


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