10 Best WWE Entrances Of 2016

10. Sasha Banks - WrestleMania 32


How do you make Sasha Banks’s WrestleMania debut feel even more important? You announce that she’ll be competing for a brand new Women’s Championship, and you get her cousin Snoop Dogg to accompany her to the ring. Anticipation was high for this bout, and it didn’t disappoint, nor did its respective entrances, which made each woman involved feel like a main event-worthy superstar. Not ‘Divas’.

Sasha’s TakeOver: Brooklyn entrance (which she repeated at Hell In A Cell) arguably hammers home her ‘Boss’ gimmick more effectively, but being rapped to the ring by a newly minted Hall of Famer will make you feel, and seem worth, a million dollars.

In one bold move, WWE created a bonafide female mega-star: ‘She’s a Legit Boss, but y’all knew that’.


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